Nothing under your feet comes closer to comfort, safety and style of a well laid carpet. Carpet and Rugs are sure to give your interior a posh look.

Carpets can provide warmth and color to any space. Carpet is a fantastic insulator. It can also tone down the extremes of cold or hot weather.

Carpeted floor is much better at absorbing sounds than a tiled or other hard floor it can act to make your environment quiet and reduce noise. No more clacking sound against wooden or tiled floors or any echo effect in the rooms.

A carpet is especially safe for kids and elder people, as it is naturally slip resistant, it can also provide protection and act as a cushion in case they fall. Imagine your loved one falling down on a hard, cold, slippery floor without a carpet. With Carpet there is lesser likelihood of damage to your precious breakable items, in case of any accident.

Carpet comes in many styles, colors and qualities and it’s much easier and straightforward to change a rug or carpet after you want a change in color, look or style to your living space.

Contrary to a popular misconception that carpet increase the dust and allergen level in a room, several studies have shown that carpet prevents allergen and dust from becoming airborne by trapping them in the fibers of the carpet, which can then be removed by regular vacuuming, unlike hard floors where dust particles are very easily air borne once they lay loose on the surface of the hard floor.